GreenWorks Hedge Trimmer Review

GreenWorks Hedge Trimmer Review

Choosing the right hedge trimmer nowadays can be extremely difficult as aside from the numerous types now available, they are also equipped with a huge number of features. Your buying decision should be based on the type and size of garden you have, your physical capabilities, and the sorts of hedges, shrubs, or plants you need to keep in shape.

Aside from the above, it is essential that you always take safety, comfort, and durability into consideration. Hedge trimmers also vary hugely in price so you need to establish your budget and run from there.

Once you’ve considered all the above, you should look at the variety of unique features the various hedge trimmers on the market have, for example, extra reach. Gone are the days where you have to climb up a dangerous step ladder to reach the top of your hedges to make your garden look tidy.

Now, you have the option of choosing a long reach trimmer that comes with a pole, giving you easy access to hedges that go beyond 6 feet tall, and that’s where the GreenWorks 22272 comes into play.

Introducing The GreenWorks 22272 Hedge Trimmer

Thanks to the GreenWorks 22272 you no longer have to stretch on a step ladder to trim the tops of your hedges each year. It has a shaft that extends up to 6 feet tall, allowing you to go by your regular landscaping duties safely with your feet on the floor.



  • 120-inch
  • Steel
  • Dual-action

Cutting Capacity:

  • ⅝ of an inch

Power Source:

  • G-MAX 40V li-ion battery system including 2AH battery and charger


  • 9.6 pounds
GreenWorks pole hedge trimmer

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Unique Features:

  • Three-position pivoting head
  • Pole that extends to 6ft

Thanks to its steel 20-inch blade quality is not compromised. Although not made for commercial use, the blade can cut through any hedges, shrubs, and plants that are ⅝ of an inch in diameter or less. We’ve chosen this hedge trimmer because it is light, and is easily maneuverable thanks to its three-position pivoting head.

It requires no gas, pull cord, and barely any maintenance as it is battery powered. It is also considerably less noisy that other, gas-powered clippers. Not only this, the GreenWorks 22272 is designed to cause fewer vibrations making it an all round more comfortable hedge trimmer.

Another reason why this GreenWorks tool has to be highlighted as one of the best pole hedge trimmers on the market is its awesome battery life which offers users up to 50 minutes of trimming time and is compatible with other models.

What We Like

The real question is: what is there not to like?

The main selling point of the GreenWorks 22272 is its extending telescoping shaft which can reach up to 6 feet tall, giving gardeners a heightened sense of safety. Aside from reaching high, it will make trimming around a water feature or muddy area easy without the need to get dirty.

Thanks to its steel design, its dual-action blade is not only extremely durable but also offers a clean cut for all types of shrubs, plants, and hedges, as long as they are less than ⅝ of an inch in diameter. The model can be bought with either a 2AH or 4AH battery which take 60 and 120 minutes to charge.

From its reviews, it is clear that many customers agree that the battery life is better than expected, especially with the 4AH battery, which according to GreenWorks, offers up to 50 minutes of use.

These batteries deliver fade-free power that does not cause loss of memory once charged and are compatible with multiple other GreenWorks power tools enabling a completely unified yard system.

GreenWorks pole hedge trimmer

It offers lower vibrations and is also very quiet so you will not have to worry about complying with your neighborhoods’ noise levels or disturbing your neighbors. 

Thanks to its cordless design it reaches a wide range. It is also compact making it easy to store, and considering its numerous features, it is very reasonably priced at just under $150.

Lastly, it is very easy to maintain as it does not require any gas. It also has very low power consumption of just 40V, and it comes with a four-year warranty from GreenWorks which will offer you guaranteed product reliability.

What We Don’t Like

Of course, not everyone is always happy with the product they receive, but when it comes to the GreenWorks 22272 hedge trimmer, there is very little to complain about. Considering how compact it is, some feel it is a little heavy, especially when the shaft is extended and it is being used to trim at height.

There has been some mention of problems with the motor overheating leading to the blades jamming. That said, it has a four-year warranty so in the unlikelihood there is a problem with the product, you always have the chance to send it back.

Also, it is worth noting that the capabilities of this hedge trimmer are clear and attempting to cut branches wider that its ⅝ of an inch cutting capacity could cause the 22272 to jam and eventually break.

Our Buying Advice

As with many products on the market today, Amazon seems to offer the lowest prices for the GreenWorks 22272, so this should be your go-to platform for any purchases.

It is worth noting that the 22272 hedge trimmer has been highlighted as many to be extremely good value.

Amazon also offers a variety of packages whereby you can make your purchase with additional protection for just and additional $15 to $20.

Cordless hedge trimmer


It is clear that the GreenWorks 22272 is our favorite choice of pole hedge trimmer on the market at the moment. It’s 6-foot length and awesome battery power are just some of its more remarkable features and considering its capabilities, it is extremely good value for money.

If you want something that is durable, for small landscaping jobs, that does not require much power, and that is awesomely versatile, the GreenWorks 22272 is the right hedge trimmer for you.


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